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Agapi E-Power

Pure Joy at Sea

The Agapi 1100 E-Power is a concept boat designed for maximizing the joy of being at sea. Pure pleasure, pure enjoyment - without any noise or pollution. Agapi E-Power has many cozy social areas, plenty of sun beds and also spots to lounge in the shade thanks to the same smart bimini solution as her Agapi sisters. She is kitted with plenty of amenities and smart features, like an electrical toilet and fridge, to make the time on board simpler and more comfortable.  

Yacht Design: Oscar Södergren 

Agapi Greta concept.2432.jpg

Design Concept

The hull is optimized for cruising at pleasurable speeds of 6-15 knots. Using established and proved E-Power solutions will ensure low maintenance, high reliability and simple operations. Building on the Agapi heritage and desire for versatility we have incorporated many clever features and solutions to make the Agapi E-power as versatile as her sisters. 

Exterior Layout

Want to soak up the sun or lounge in the shade? You are sure to find your favorite spot onboard.

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