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Rowmore 5.5

Performance Rowing Boat

The Rowmore 5.5 is a design where speed and stability are carefully balanced, with the ultimate goal of creating a fast boat that is easy to row. It sports a shallow semi skimming hull with a sharp entry bow. A chine runs along the full length of the hull allowing it to take full advantage of the boats total width to increase stability. The freeboard height and storage makes the Rowmore 5.5 perfect for day trips or weekend camping in the archipelago and the light weight (25kg) makes it easy to handle, whether launching from a dock or beach or loading to a roof rack of a car.  

Yacht Design: Oscar Södergren

Sten Edström Rowmore 5.5 Oscar Södergren.jpg

Design Concept

A central part of the Rowmore 5.5 is the sliding rig. Among other advantages, it allows the rowers weight to remain centered in the boat, which reduces pitching caused by the rowing motion. The boat is not designed for downright flat water racing; yet speed is a central focus of the design. The hull has been optimized through simulations to find the ideal length to width ratio identifying where pay-offs beginning to decline. The result: a fast and stable boat.

Exterior Layout


The sliding rig allows the rowers weight to remain centered, reducing pitch.

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